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Average time to complete 10 minutes Identity Theft Victim s Complaint and Affidavit A voluntary form for filing a report with law enforcement and disputes with credit reporting agencies and creditors about identity theft-related problems. Visit ftc.gov/idtheft to use a secure online version that you can print for your records. Before completing this form 1. Date Signed mm/dd/yyyy Your Affidavit If you do not choose to file a report with law enforcement you may use this form as an Identity...
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Who needs an Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form?

The form is useful if you have already become a victim of fraud with personal data and want to bring the fact of what happened to the attention of a company. You need to make sure that this form is suitable for fraud application in the case of any particular bank or company because there is a possibility that your company or bank use different application forms.

What is the Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form?

U.S. Federal Trade Commission developed an identity theft affidavit that is accepted by most businesses and creditors. An identity theft affidavit is a notarial certified document certifying that the person has become a victim of fraud with personal data. The identity theft affidavit provides the appropriate information for businesses and creditors, which is necessary in order to prevent or minimize damage from malicious actions.

Is the Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form accompanied by other forms?

You should know that Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form is used only if criminals opened new accounts in your name. If identity theft s affected existing account, you should contact your bank or company, to establish a list of documents required for such an event. In the case of Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form, no additional forms are required.

When is the Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form due?

The form should be completed and submitted to the relevant company as soon as you have found out that you became a victim of fraud. Some businesses and creditors may require the submission of an affidavit not later than in two weeks from the date of establishment of the fact of fraud.

How do I fill out the Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form?

Before completing or sending identity theft affidavit call the business or creditor and ascertain if the affidavit will be accepted. Estimated time of filling out the form is about 10 minutes. You will have to provide basic information about yourself, the person that you think have committed the fraud, affected accounts and information that changes as a result of fraud. Also, you must provide 1) documents proving your identity and 2) notary certification of this affidavit.

Where do I send the Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form?

Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit form must be submitted to the business or creditor serving your credit account.

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Instructions and Help about identity theft affidavit form pdf
All right Dave Sullivan here this time we're going to talk about how to create an identity theft report if you think you're a victim of identity theft it's very important that you do a lot of work early on as soon as you discover that you're a victim one of the best things that you can do is to create an identity theft report I'll put a link down below this video on how to get over to that report you fill it out online you type it out your print it you sign it you take it down to the police department once they take that they add it to your police report, and now you have something that kind of has a little more of an official feel to it, you then go to the repositories you should freeze your credit report right away there's a video right here on how to do that freeze your credit report and then let them know that you're a victim of identity theft and then any accounts that show up on your credit report you have a right to get all the information from that business so the monitor your credit report as you see things come in or people call you say look I'm gonna victim of identity theft here's my identity theft report now give me all the information you have on the account that was opened up there's so much identity theft going on right now the police really are not tracking this stuff down, so you have to do it you know don't rely on someone else to do it you have to be vigilant when you go after these people and if you do it right away you'll have a much better success all right, so it's Dave Sullivan with the credit Guy TV so you with a little of me we're going to change the credit industry thank you
What is ftc identity theft affidavit?
An Identity Theft Affidavit is a document used by victims of identity theft to prove to businesses that their personal information was used to open a fraudulent account. This document includes personal information as well as a formal statement about the facts surrounding the identity theft.
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